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    Zhengzhou new wall materials co., LTD. In the futureIs a professional research and development、Production of new insulation wall decoration materials of private enterprises,Energy saving policies advocated by the company actively respond to a nation,Through to the United States、Japan and some European developed countries has been widely used in building exterior wall thermal insulation decoration materials research,Combined with our national culture、Climate characteristics、Life aesthetics, and many other aspects of the situation,The development and production“Exterior wall thermal insulation decorative metal embossed surface”(Also known as the plate in the future)。

    The product has good heat preservation effect、High-end fashion、Construction is simple、Strong is not easy to fall off、Good weather resistance、The advantages of long service life,Widely used in high-rise buildings、Modern villa、Light steel workshop、Mobile home、Environmental protection, such as toilet of exterior wall thermal insulation,And has good decorative effect。Products have passed through the construction department of henan province construction energy conservation product authentication,Is the national ministry of construction to promote the building energy-saving insulation decoration materials。

    The company has advanced exterior wall thermal insulation decorative sheet metal embossing surface computer control automatic production line,Annual production capacity40Million square meters,It can produce grain brick、The mud、Water ripples、Wood grain、Gravel、Fine stone、Li shi and other grain appearance design、And a variety of color products,Can all meet in high-grade office space、Commodity residential buildings、The need of modern villa building external wall thermal insulation and decoration。【In more detail

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