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Nantong fruit food machinery manufacturing co., LTD is a professional production and sales of freshly squeezed juice machine、Packaging machinery and food processing machinery manufacturers,With independent intellectual property rights,Product quality assurance,The date of delivery in a timely manner,Products are sold to provinces in China and Europe and the United States,Australia and other countries and regions。Enterprises located in the first batch of coastal open city economic development zone, nantong port gate,Close to204National highway,Yizheng,Airport、The harbour、Railway、The highway from soup to nuts,The transportation is convenient,Is only one hundred kilometers from Shanghai,Has obvious location advantages。

Nantong fruit food machinery manufacturing co., LTD


Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine whether good or not to do?Insiders tell you the truth!
Vending machines in early1996Years have entered China,Has been tepid,But once start for two years,There are signs of recovery,In particular, freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines,More than a while get up on the market。The widespread use of as WeChat and alipay,Terminal consumer sweep through the phone code only thirty or forty seconds can buy pure glass of freshly squeezed orange juice,Completely satisfy the pursuit of health consumers、Quickly、Fashion、Convenient demands,The market foreground is very good。The market is not saturated,Mainly to see how you operate。The market is not saturated,Mainly to see how you operate1、Put in the position to sales for selling automatically
How long can save orange room temperature
Orange is a very common fruit in our lives,Was deeply loved by the masses,Orange juice is almost every holiday phenomenon,Oranges are rich in vitamins and fiber,To complement the body a variety of trace elements。Orange compared to other fruit with a thick layer of skin,So the orange temperature can save how long?After experimental proof,As long as the appropriate storage environment,5℃000000-00-0-0-0-00℃Cold storage,The orange freshness can be achieved6Months。The normal temperature place3To the5Months there is no problem,It is best to put in a refrigerator crisper,It is important to note timely cleaning moldy oranges,Avoid infection。Orange is a kind of evergreen trees in the wild,Up to3M,


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