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Into the Eurasian dairy

     Yunnan Eurasian dairy co., LTD,Located in Dali in yunnan province economic and technological development zone high-tech industrial development zone,2003Completed and put into operation,Is a collection of dairy、Fresh milk purchase、Dairy products research and development、Production and sales for the integration of modern dairy processing enterprises。

     At present,There are three production and operation of the dairy plant,More capacity than dairy in design30Ten thousand tons,Has now passedISO9001、ISO22000、HACCP、GMPSuch as system certification,Independent research and development“Europe and Asia”Series of dairy products......

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Corporate responsibility

Introduce the system of international dairy Dali,Let the national dairy industry in the world。
Dedicated high-quality dairy products,Innovation quality life,Create a healthy life。

Described in detail

Star brand display

In the spirit of originality,Shape of green marble unique national characteristics、Organic dairy products!

High quality

High quality:Highland pasture,Honour enjoy quality。“High quality”Pure milk positioning in the high-end market,Is one of the leading brands in Europe and Asia。

Dali pasture

Dali pasture:In Dali landscape pasture the flavour of memories。“Dali pasture”Series is the Eurasian low-temperature fermented milk flagship brand in the class,Divided into the plain、Blueberries、Flowers such as a variety of tastes,2018Another new launched blueberry in years、Yellow peach、Strawberry flavor, etc。


Changhao:As for unlimited,The body better!Chang is a Eurasian to caress the intestinal health and adjust the microbial organism balance for the purpose,And introduced a new type of lactic acid bacteria and drinks。


YiQBaby:Good for your health,More profitable growth。“YiQBaby”Belongs to the children's beverage series,Divided into two kinds of packaging, paragraphs ordinary and pacifier。


YiUBaby:A balanced diet,The escort for the healthy growth of children。“YiUBaby”Eurasia is specifically designed for children to make high-quality goods of milk。

Jujube bordeaux

“Jujube bordeaux”The Eurasian modulation the star brand milk series,Because of its good,Delicate taste,Once launched into a hot style。

Dali amorous feelings

Dali amorous feelings:To admire the moon,Dali amorous feelings,“Dali amorous feelings”Locate interesting market,Is in Europe and Asia“Dali pasture”After a successful brand to launch a new brand。


YiU+:Build a healthy green dairy products。YiU+Series is Europe and Asia, in recent years, the star of the listed products,Of flavors,Nutrition and health,Cover the milk fermented yogurt and modulation two categories。
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