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Product advantage

Painters paint is a collection of professional sales,Foreign technical services as one of the responsibility system for enterprises。Mainly engaged in industrial heavy anti-corrosion coatings and Marine paints,High-temperature paint and special paint, etc

Range of application

Mainly for the shipbuilding industry,The ship made repairs,Electric power industry,Water conservancy project,Underwater engineering of steel structures, such as the provision of high quality long-term anticorrosion,Anti-fouling,Protective and decorative purposes

Service advantages

The company has a perfect pre-sale,After-sales service system and a group of experienced experts,Senior engineer,Determined to continuously provide customers with high demand high quality low price products

Company profile

Tongling city painters paint chemical co., LTD is specializing in the production of a set、Sales and technical services as one of the responsibility system for enterprises。Since its inception in 97 in tongling,The main production and sales of industrial heavy-duty coating、The paint of the ship、High-temperature paint and special paint, etc。The annual output4500Tons。For the shipbuilding industry、Electric power industry、Rolling stock、Water conservancy project、Port machinery、The dock、Bridges、The oil storage tank、The mine、Large steel structure、The pipe、Hoisting machinery equipment to provide quality long-term anti-corrosion,Anti-fouling,Protective and decorative purposes。The company has a perfect pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service system and a group of experienced experts、Senior engineer,Determined to continuously provide for the customer…

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